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□About Representative Director

Representative director: Akio Miyashita
Name: Akio Miyashita

Native prefecture: Yamanashi pref.

Asterism: Capricorn

Blood Type: O

Hobby: Golf

Comment: KH Service is a company that provides freight services

in accordance with customers' requests. We provide services not

only to Japanese customers, but also to foreign customers.

Please contact us if you have something to be done. We are happy

to help you even if it is trivial or something other company cannot do.

□Company Overview

Company Name: KH SERVICE, INC.

Establishment: June 2001

Capital: 10 million yen

Representative Director: Akio Miyashita

Address: 11-11 Senda, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0013 Japan

TEL: 03-5653-1760

FAX: 03-5653-1761


Description of business: Transport Section
Light freight, general freight, spot, charter, moving
Communication Section
Making multi-language homepages
Marketing Magical Gate